hello welcome to my website

i decided to make this website to show off my art and stuff

★ here are some things that ive made in blender my beloved 3D software ★

some things are 3d and some are 2d, some are a mix of both :]

alastor recreation from devil may cry

axe i made from a tutorial

testing to see if you can embed 3d models in a website (you can)

me by Goatythemeow on Sketchfab

title screen i made for an invader zim fan project

tryin to make 3D animation look like 2D animation; a reanimated shot from resident evil 4


tried to make a 3D rig that changed depending on the camera angle lol

random assortment of renders from across the years (models all made from scratch)

★ here is my cat. ★

★ guitar ★

★ random sketches that are weird ★

stuff i stole from my own instagram page